Access (entry) systems

What is an access system?

It serves the purpose of monitoring arrivals, departures, and movement of personnel. It can be used at construction sites, in schools, apartment houses, parking lots and office buildings.

It is recommended to combine the access system with entry control devices (turnstiles or door locks).

The systems can be divided by the method of identification:

    • proximity or contactless (reading of the media can be done from 20 cm distance)
    • contact (the media have to touch the reading device)
    • biometrics (scans fingerprints, palms or pupils)
    • remote control (identification takes place when a remote control button is pressed)

Modular UNIgate


Attendance system which can be thanks to its modularity  immediately adapted to the requirements of a particular customer. Whether it  is required for a small company,a factory complex, or (through instalation into any casing) for  luxurious office buildings.


Entrance system for apartment houses DOMOVNÍK

Entrance system tailored directly to the apartment house. Uncontrolled multiplication of entrance keys, entrance of undesirable persons, use of the lift by unauthorized persons with DOMOVNÍK systém you do not have to worry about.


Access and attendance system for schools SchoolGate


System, which is designed for solution of access control, attendance and increasing the safety of the pupils in the schools. It is possible to combine it with an attendance system and record attendance of the school staff.