Attendance systems

What is the attandance system?

Used for recording hours worked, arrivals, departures and movement of employees. Solves legal obligation to record working hours, simplifies the preparation of the payroll and prevents unauthorized overtime.

We recommend combining attendance system with access control (turnstile or door lock).

Based on the identification method the systems are divided into:

  • Contact less (media can be read from distance up to 20 cm)
  • Contact (for reading the media  it is necessary to touch the reading probe)

Modular UNIgate


Attendance system, which thanks to its modularity can immediately adapt to the requirements of a particular customer. Whatever is required for a small company, the factory complex, or (through instalation into any enclosure) to the luxury office buildings.


Access and attendace system for schools SchoolGate


System, which is designed for solution of access control, attendance and increasing the safety of the pupils in the schools. It is possible to combine it with an attendance system and record attendance of the school staff.