Development of systems

Production and development of electronic identification equipment based on individual order

      • The non-binding consultation about requirements
      • Advice and analysis of technical solutions
      • Proposal of a solution
      • Design of electronic equipment
      • Proposal of software
      • Design of circuit boards
      • Proposal of the mechanical design of the device
      • Manufacture of functional samples
      • Testing of properties of functional samples
      • Production of prototypes
      • Testing of resistance and reliability of the prototypes
      • Processing production documentation
      • Production and assembly of equipment
      • Output control, putting into operation
      • The guarantee and warranty
      • Upgrade

On the basis of individual requirements of the customer we provide services in the field of development and production of electronic identification systems.

We offer the following services to our customers:

The non-binding consultation of requirements:

On the basis of exact customer requirements we prepare a preliminary analysis based on which we propose solutions, payment options and schedule of development work. In case of a greater number of possible solutions, we help to identify or recommend the most appropriate solution with regard to all criteria specified including the cost.

Custom order solutions

Besides the additional equipping of mechanical machinery and equipment with electronic identification systems we also develop entirely new products. During the development we use our longstanding experience in the field of electronic identification systems. We execute all development and subsequent production processes.

Proposals for design documentation

Based on the reconciliation analysis and proposal development, the preparation of design documentation of the prototype device is carried out. If necessary, we are able to propose design electronic equipment as well as any mechanical changes at the existing facilities and last but not least also the design implementation.

Functional samples

Based on the design documentation, the production of functional samples of the device that is used to test its functionality at the customer-contractor is carried out.

Processing production documentation:

With regard to the results of the functional testing of the sample at the customer, the production documentation of the device is completed and contains the diagram, the list of material, the drawing area, and production processes.

Manufacture of equipment

Through external partners we are able to subsequently provide fully professional production of circuit boards and associated completion work. The customer then gets an assembled and tested product.

Warranty service and warranty

Any possible technical problem is resolved in joint cooperation, whether within the warranty period or even later.