KOScare for caregivers

Monitoring caregivers with KOScare system

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The electronic system for monitoring regular visits of the workers who provide specifically defined services to patients and seniors.



System advantages

    • Monitoring of care takers´activities
    • Automated inspection of the carried out care
    • Preventing doubts and inefficiencies
    • Basis for accurate billing based on the provided care

How it works

1. Identification of the care taker/worker

Each worker receives a unique chip and their working hours start by reading the chip at the sensor.

2. Route

Each route points are placed at homes of the clients. The chips are marked for Arrival and Departure. The recording of the date and time in the memory is done reading the chip at the sensor. The worker will visit the clients in the given order and time limit. A successful reading of each point is confirmed with a visual and sound signal.

3. Transfer of data to the collection data chip

The need for data transfer is signaled before the sensor reaches its full memory capacity by two beeps and two flashes. The data chip is used for collecting up 1000 records from the sensor (works similar to a thumb drive). Data chips are used in order to evaluate the records without the need to take the sensor away from the workers and interruption of their work.

4. Transfer of the route records into the PC and its evaluation

The data collected from the sensors that carry individual data chip records are transferred to the PC with installed WSOK software using an adaptor. Data from the data chip are transferred into the software and evaluated according to the set criteria. The final report includes a list of visits showing the correctness of the visits. Statements can be generated and evaluation can be provided to clients or serve as basis for invoicing.


KOS sensor

The sensor will assign a chip code with timestamp and store it in its memory. Capacities range from sensor 500 to 8000 events (1 = 1 chip load event).

The calculation of the appropriate sensor capacities: number of control points * number of patrols per day * period-the number of days – reading data chip).

Does not contain control elements and thanks to metallic body is very resistant to rough handling.

Identification chips “smiley”

This cheerful helper is installed at the client. It is equipped with two control chips, which are identified as Arrival and Departure. The date and time of the point reading is recorded in the memory by touching the sensor and the given chip sensor.  In practice, the function can be compared to a simple attendance system. These chips are not only very durable, but also do not require changing of the battery therefore their life is virtually unlimited.

“Smiley” print may show the address and contact information of the operator.

Data chip

Data chips contain memory and battery. They can be compared with a flash drive. Attaching data chip to the sensor data chip reads 1,000 events, which are then transferred to a PC via an adapter. For easier recognition from conventional chips are data chips delivered with the red key fob.

Data chip can set the time in sensors or copy the data without their removal from the sensors (for instance, to control the inspection).

Adapter for PC connectivity

The adapter is used to communicate between a PC and chips. Downloads data, sets the chips for their functions as a transfer, copy or time data chip. Adapter is used as a hardware key for the WSOK program. This means that for unique adapter number exist unique license code for evaluation software.

Adapter is made for USB port only



WSOK – evaluation software

Intelligent program WSOK working under MS-Windows 95, NT, 98, 2000, Me and XP, is used mainly for typing, printing and maintenance of primary tables (databases), checkpoints, guards, sensors and patrols.


The evaluation program is designed for events conducted rounds, which are in the form of simple information about the date, time and code of identification chip (checkpoint or personal chip of guard) transmitted from the data chip. The program gives a maximum of clear information about the names of various control points, including the name of guardian, who did his rounds.

When you enter a patrol schedules and specific routes evaluation software is able to automatically evaluate the correctness of conducted patrols.

All output data, the program is ready to provide output to the screen and the printed version of the required reports.

WSOK Program Properties

    • Database of sensors, guards, checkpoints and routes
    • Defining individual patrol routes
    • Viewing and printing of statements for the sensor, a guard, checkpoint and route in the specified interval and scale
    • Internal and customer extracts (extracts with the names of the guards or with their personal numbers)
    • carried out the beats from many perspectives, individual setting range of statements
    • The tab function
    • The possibility of an independent evaluation of various objects
    • Ability to process and sort patrol data based on the name of the company
    • Automatic control of the correctness of design patrols
    • Inclusion of guards into groups
    • Table of user access rights to the program
    • Editing patrol data by authorized persons only
    • Export data files
    • Archiving

Minimal configuration of PC

Software: Windows 95 and higher
Hardware: Processor 486 and higherí