Modul KOSbox

Modul KOSbox SIM

KOSbox allows the existing iButton off-line patrol systems to communicate online. KOSbox receives data about executed patrols from portable electronic sensors and sends them to a central server. Then the supervisor can process data from all the guarded objects.

Even with the existing off-line sensors you can register patrols online

    • kos-databox-schema-enEven local patrol systems will immediatelly be connected
    • Instant overview of performed patrols
    • KOSbox safely delivers patrol data from the guarded object for central evaluation
    • Access to patrol data and their management via a web interface
    • Data security guaranteed
    • No need to visit each object for purposes of downloading the data
    • Possibility of connecting other patrol systems *

      *) If compatibility with another patrol systems is required options should be individually consulted with the producer


KOSbox immediately reduces operating costs

      • Uploads and sends the patrol data from the sensors to the central PC
      • Uses the unilateral GPRS/GSM communication for transferring data
      • Downloads, erases and formates the data chips
      • Uploads new personal or control points chips identification codes into the system
      • Communicates with the user via a graphical illuminated display
      • Acoustic signalization
      • Simple and intuitive control using the keyboard
      • Power supply from its own accumulator
      • Automatic mode of energy saving
      • Easy menu navigation