Modular access and attendance system UNIgate

These systems are based on easy-to-use contactless reading of media. Even bringing the media close to the reading terminal is sufficient for successful identification. The systems communicate with contactless cards, pendant and wrist bands or existing media, such as ISIC or OpenCard, can be used.

Build the blocks based on your needs

UNIgate offers the best possible configuration and provides comfort to the user based on the selection from the wide range of components. The use of the system is a pleasure no matter what version of the system is used from the very basic to the most complex design.



System advantages

      • Modular electronic access and time attendance system
      • Communication using contact or contactless identification media
      • Checking of access rights
      • Controlling any mechanical devices
      • Time and attendance  records
      • Monitoring of immediate presence
      • Guarantee of correctness and protection against data loss
      • System design offers the very basic to complex applications
      • Easy setting of access rights
      • Flexible updates of access rights
      • Automated software evaluations
      • Recording reasons for departures
      • Options for manual editing
      • Balance
      • Operation in shifts
      • Statistics
      • Informative statements based on set criteria
      • Building custom sets and outputs
      • Recording breaks


Control electronics

Completely independent module with own diagnostics.

Communicates with reading terminals and is on-line connected with the evaluating PC and possibly other control electronics of the network.

The main task of the electronics is to manage the database of users and their access rights based on time settings, save information from the reading terminal about users passing or reasons for passing in the memory, update correct date and time, and/or control connected mechanical devices (door locks, barriers, turnstiles…).

Every control electronics can be used for two reading terminals and any one mechanical device.



Access terminal

Practical reading device for areas that require tracking of access rights.

The reading device has no control buttons. Models available for contactless media and for contact identification chips.

The terminal emits visual and sound signals when access to the protected area is granted or denied.

The electronics of the reading terminal can be installed in various cases and for contactless design it can be on a wall under the plaster therefore protected from any external damage.



Time and attendance terminal

The time and attendance terminal is similar to the access terminal. The time and attendance design includes a lit-up LCD display showing the current date and time, selected reason for departure and a membrane keyboard with buttons showing reasons for interruption the working hours.



PC Adapter

The PC Adapter is used for communication between the identification media and the computer. It serves as a physical connection between the control units of the network and the evaluation computer via USB port.

The adapter is also used as the hardware “key” therefore, without the key the evaluation software could be run as a demo version only.



Identification media

The user can select out of two designs of the identification media
The best solution for elegant and comfortable use is the contactless identification media communicating in the range of long waves at 125 kHz frequency. The media can be read within 20 cm distance and are produced as ISO cards or practical pendant.

The best solution for use under more austere conditions is the contact identification chip. The chip has a stainless steel casing in the shape of a button battery and is very durable.

*) Depending on the media, terminal and the surrounding conditions.


Antivandal priveskystandardni privesky


TIME&ATTENDANCE and ACCESS evaluation software is used for inputting, maintenance, searching and printing of database primary tables as well as complex statements about individual users and attendance based on the set criteria of the employer. Additionally, TIME&ATTENDANCE software offers attendance information based on the set criteria of the employer and can be used for processing payrolls.

The employer can avoid mistakes when processing attendance data using the electronic time and attendance system including the TIME&ATTENDANCE software. Furthermore, the system is used for increasing the effectiveness during working hours, registering the improved work attitude of individual employees (increased work discipline), preventing unauthorized overtime. Collection and management of the attendance data by the electronic system saves time and resources during preparation for payroll processing.

The main task of the software is to provide complete overview of all current and past users, their movement and possible absence, grouping of users based on specific access rights.

Attendance of individual workers can be viewed in clear graphics using this software. The software allows for additional changes to be input or operations made if needed (such as leave, sick leave etc.)

By setting the specific administrator rights, the attendance system can be open in read-only view or edited by authorized personnel. The software allows creating groups of people in the management who can edit attendance of their subordinates. The evaluation software includes a system of approving the processed attendance which can be printed or the data can be uploaded into the superior system (most likely the payroll processing system).

Both versions of the software can be run on Windows 98 and higher.

    • automatic, regular or manual communication with attendance terminals – task planner
    • terminal data processing either automatic or manual
    • graphic view of the attendance of individual workers within a month with the option of easy editing
    • monitoring of attendance for a given time period – one month, one week, two weeks, 10 days, 28 days…
    • registering the breaks with the option of automatic setting according to rules (at certain intervals, at specific fixed times, based on the hours worked).
    • three level system of approval of edited attendance (processed, inspected, approved) automatic approval of attendance according to the specific rules
    • overtime monitoring system – determine how many hours to transfer into the following month, how many to pay for and how many to delete
    • monitoring and calculation of the  over-fund – monitoring the overtime over a longer period of time
    • reading device dial (time and attendance, access terminals) with defined access operations and implicit times of operations
    • option of defining a selected group of employees that can use individual
    • operation dial (interruption of the working hours) – adjustable based on the needs of the company
    • option of defining possible automatic termination of operation – at certain time, at the end of working hours, at the end of daily commitment, …
    • option of automatic continuity, repetition of the operation according to the set conditions (sick leave, leave, business trip, etc.)
    • definition of the time segment of the pay in which the operation (interruption of the working hours) will be included
    • detail setting of rounding-up the time segment per day, per month or per variable period of time
    • shift dial with option of fixed and flexible working hours monitoring
    • option of ignoring the timely arrival of employees to the work place
    • intelligent and automatic recognition of the worked shift – the employees come to work although they are not scheduled for that shift in the calendar – the software assigns the shifts correctly
    • calendar dial allows for defining the working hours for every single day in the year – for groups of employees as well as for individual employees
    • types of calendars for one-shift and multi-shift operation
    • employee dial with their basic personal data
    • identification media dial with possibility of assigning them to individual employees – option of blocking the ID media
    • option of manual updates of the attendance operations by the user (for one or more days in advance)
    • complex system with option to define access rights for working within the attendance system, option of restricting the attendance editing to a group of employees (center, department) or authorized personnel only
    • balance processing of the working hours with information about the balance from the attendance terminal
    • processing of time segment statistics (hours worked, absence and compensation…) for the given time period
    • quick and easy access to the monthly and daily attendance results
    • automated communication with a distant workplace – modem, internet, data circles
    • access system – opening of doors, turnstiles, gates, barriers in accordance with the access rights
    • monitoring of presence of employees either at the time or retrospectively with the option of displaying a photograph
    • distinguishing between present and absent employees by color
    • well arranged and graphical capacity planning
    • import and export of data into the personnel and payroll systems
    • automatic synchronization of data with superior systems (payroll, personnel system, production…)
    • data entry, manager – a large number of pre-defined entry sets with options for defining the viewed reports by the user
    • output sets editor – creation of own sets, export charts
    • Software technical specification

TIME&ATTENDANCE software is an application using Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7 for database platforms:

    • Microsoft Access
    • MSDE 2000, 2005, 2008 (Express Edition)
    • Microsoft SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 Server
    • Firebird a Interbase pro Linux/Win32
    • Sybase
    • Oracle 9,10